Subpoena Process Services

As you develop your legal case, you may find the need to serve a subpoena. There are rules and laws that govern how a subpoena is correctly executed, which is why finding the right service is essential. Being accurate and following all of the proper legal procedures can make a difference to your case. Glucroft Investigations subpoena process services are always handled with expertise and a full knowledge of the different scenarios and situations. Doing all we can to help you win your case is a top concern and priority of ours.

Whether you need to serve an individual subpoena, use our Deposition Officer services to produce business records, or to have your court documents notarized, we can do it all for you.

Subpoena Process Server

You need your subpoenas served quickly and correctly, because without proper service, your lawsuit won’t be heard or that witness won’t be compelled to appear. Don’t jeopardize your case with lesser process servers. Glucroft Investigations can serve your court documents nationwide and will make multiple attempts to ensure good service.

Business subpoenas will always go to the proper Agent for Service of Process, and personal subpoenas will always be sub-served when the type of case permits it. We back up our service with complete and accurate Proof of Service documentation. Everything is done correctly and accurately so you can move your case forward with confidence.

Massive Documentation For Big Cases

A large school district is the subject of lawsuit where asbestos was found in the classroom and the teacher contracted Mesothelioma. The teacher sued the school district and the case required her medical records, employment records, union records and more. We were the Deposition Officer and subpoenaed dozens of documents from dozens of different business entities and departments.

Deposition Officer Services

Workers’ Comp, Personal Injury and Business Lawsuits can all require massive amounts of documentation as evidence. But getting all of those records through subpoena is a meticulous, laborious process. Use our Deposition Officer Services and leave the details to us.

We’ll send out your Deposition Subpoenas for Production of Records, track the response deadlines with a stopwatch, and then hand-deliver the subpoenas with registered process servers as soon as we’re legally permitted.

We will also act as your Deposition Officer to receive those records on your behalf, track every detail, and deliver all the materials to you quickly, neatly, and with all the proper documentation. With Glucroft Investigations as your Deposition Officer, we handle the subpoena details, allowing you to more fully focus on your clients and the specifics of their case.

Notary Services

As part of our subpoena process services, we offer commissioned notary services. We can notarize your out-of-state subpoenas, witness statements and declarations, and any other documents relevant to your case.

Glucroft Investigations

Need help with subpoena process services?

With Glucroft Investigations you get all of these services under one roof. We do our job quickly, accurately and professionally so you can do your job thoroughly, effectively and without worry. Contact us online or call us today at (866) 411-8646 to discuss the specific needs of your case.

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