Fraud Detection & Prevention

Businesses depend on honest managers and employees, and when the business is betrayed, the owners are going to want to know why. Our Fraud Detection and Prevention services are designed to help business owners like you investigate and prevent shrinkage, embezzlement and fraud of all types.

Fraud Detection Services

Dishonest workers are continually finding new ways to defraud the companies they work for. Our Fraud Detection services help you to root out mysterious losses, shrinkage, resource misappropriation, forgery, expense fraud, skimming, embezzlement and more.

We’ve successfully detected employees stealing pallets of goods from a warehouse, misdirecting shipments, and plain old-fashioned theft out the back door. We’ve discovered restaurant workers giving free meals to friends, bartenders skimming from the till, and bookkeepers shorting deposits.

Glucroft Investigations will do whatever it takes to find the truth no matter how it’s concealed. Depending on the situation, we will…
The best method for delivering proof of fraud is based on the specifics of your situation. Once we learn the particulars of your situation, your suspicions and your suspected targets, we will devise our best recommendations for you.

Why No New Business?

A maintenance company noticed that calls from new customers had started slowing down and couldn’t explain why. He suspected that one of his own employees was involved. We placed our investigator in the company who became friendly with the suspected employee. We discovered that the employee’s wife had opened her own competing company, and most new leads were being referred to her. Our client fired the employee and successfully sued the wife based on the evidence that we provided.

Fraud Prevention Services

Often, business owners only try to prevent fraud once they begin to suspect fraud. Once discovered tens of thousands of dollars — possibly millions — may have already been lost. It’s best to set up fraud prevention strategies before a loss is suspected. When business owners require Fraud Prevention Services we can respond in many ways.

Fraud Detection as Fraud Prevention

In many cases, publicizing successful Fraud Detection is the best way to prevent future fraud. That’s because Business Fraud is often a crime of opportunity. An employee believes that a particular resource is not monitored and then taps that resource for as long as possible. When employees know that resources are monitored, even when they don’t think they are, they are less likely to jeopardize their jobs, reputation or freedom.

Background Checks

Background checks can tell you who your candidates or employees are far in advance of a loss. Our Background Screening services can reveal past financial misdeeds, financial obligations, criminal records, past and current lawsuits, and the overall character of the person. Red flags can indicate individuals who are high risk. Background checks can also be used to monitor current employees. Our experience shows that periodic background checks for current employees can reveal new motivations for business fraud or other issues at work.

Consulting and Advisory Services

We are experienced in identifying opportunities for fraud in business operations. Lack of internal controls, lack of cash controls, internal security issues, undisclosed relationships, warehouse controls and other issues can all lead to new losses. It’s our job to work with you and your business and guide your fraud prevention efforts.

Disappearing Pallets

Owner had suspected warehouse shrinkage so he called us. We set up surveillance and recorded loading dock workers loading a shipment, plus one or two extra pallets into their truck. The driver dropped off the extra pallets at the warehouse of a competitor, then delivered the original shipment to the customer. Our investigation resulted in the employees being fired & prosecuted.

Glucroft Investigations

Detect and Prevent Fraud

Business owners are often too close to their own employees and business to see the losses and potential losses that are right in front of them. That’s when Glucroft Investigations gets the call. Whether you know there’s fraud and need to prove it, or if you want to prevent fraud from happening in the first place, Glucroft Investigations can meet your needs. We Uncover The Hidden. Contact us online or call us today at (866) 411-8646.

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