Accident Investigation

If your client was involved in a car accident, Glucroft Investigations is here to support you and your case with a Vehicle/Car Accident Investigation, including Accident Scene Investigations, Policy Limit Investigations, and Witness Interviews. Whatever the circumstances of your case, we’re here to make sure you have all of the relevant information so you can serve your client better.

Complete Vehicle/Car Accident Investigations

Attorneys know that a client’s account of a car accident is rarely complete or fully accurate. Mostly, their recollection of events leaves out important facts and circumstances that are favorable to their own case. Nor are they able to identify most of the other evidence to support their own case. That’s why so many attorneys ask us to conduct car accident investigations to discover the truth about their client’s accident. 

Of course, no investigator can promise that a case can be won, but we have a special reputation in Los Angeles and all of California as “The Attorney’s Car Accident Investigator” for finding additional, previously unknown facts favorable to a client’s case that help make winning the case that much easier.

Success Story: Finding Deeper Pockets

A driver was t-boned at an intersection in a remote area. The driver’s attorney hired us to do an accident scene investigation, which revealed that the stop sign for the other car had been previously damaged and not repaired or maintained by the city. The attorney successfully sued the city and won.

Accident Scene Investigations

Accident Scene investigations are an important part of any truck or car accident investigation. No attorney likes to be surprised by facts that work against their case, or to not have all the facts that are in favor of their case. So our mission is to seek the truth of your case and get you the information you need.
We do that by investigating or acquiring…
The police and insurance companies will do their own car accident investigations, but they will never be as diligent as we are when looking for the facts to support your case. Whether your case involves t-bone accidents, head-on accidents, pedestrians, mechanical failures, road conditions, right of way or other types of accidents, Glucroft Investigations is your car accident investigator.

Policy Limit Investigations

Insurance companies representing the other side don’t like to let attorneys know about the limits of their client’s policies for fear that you will build your case around those limits. But despite that, it’s our job to help you know the potential value of your case so that you can be sure your clients can afford the medical treatment they require in order to become healthy again.

We’re uniquely successful in acquiring the information you need to be able to give your clients the comfort and knowledge that they can be restored to their pre-loss condition.

Witness Interviews

Sometimes a car accident investigation hinges on one or more witnesses who can make all the difference. Whether the case is a civil accident or personal injury case, or a criminal DUI case, we can help to locate witnesses and conduct appropriate interviews to get you the information you need for your case.

Whether the identity of the witness is known or unknown, before we can conduct witness interviews, we may need to locate those witnesses. Our Witness Location service will work to determine the identity of witnesses, locate those witnesses, and then conduct a comprehensive interview.

Our specially trained witness investigators are skilled at talking with witnesses, putting them at ease, and giving them the space they need to tell their own story. We report to you everything they said in their own words, and provide a recording, transcription or both, at your discretion.

Success story: city at fault!

A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle while walking in the street below a freeway overpass. We investigated on behalf of the attorney, and we found that the sidewalk was filled with a homeless encampment. Due to the city’s negligence to enforce the law, the pedestrian was forced onto the street, where he was struck by a vehicle. The attorney was able to prove that the city was at fault.

Glucroft Investigations

Your Car Accident Investigator

Attorneys around the country know that when a case is important, Glucroft Investigations is your best choice for car accident investigations. Our principals collectively have over 45 years of experience in the legal industry and know what you need in order to represent your clients most effectively. If you’re looking for the greatest advantage for your case and your clients, contact us online or call us today at (866) 411-8646 to discuss your case. At Glucroft Investigations, We Uncover The Hidden..
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