Background Screening

Employers, landlords, parents, and just about everybody wants to be sure they are dealing with people of good character. But too often, our first impressions betray us by leading us into an employment, rental or personal relationship with the wrong kinds of people. Because so many people are not who (or what) they appear to be that our clients so frequently request our background screening service for prospective employees, tenants, nannys, tutors and other individuals.

Our background screening service can be tailored to meet your needs based on what you’re looking for and who you are talking to.

Employment Screening

Every employee has the potential of helping your company on its mission or causing immeasurable harm to clients, other employees, and your entire business. That’s why we offer so many different specific types of employment screenings.

Basic Employment Screening

Our basic employment background screening includes these investigations:

Employment Screening Optional Investigations

  • Sex Offender Report: In today’s #MeToo climate, you need to keep all your employees safe.
  • Social Security Search: Verify the SSN of an employee and avoid Social Security Fraud.
  • Criminal Reports: Ensure your next employee is the right employee. We have a variety of different types of criminal reports we can do for you.
    • Felony and Misdemeanor Report: A search of the county seat for any criminal records.
    • Federal Criminal Search: A search within a specific federal jurisdiction for federal criminal records.
    • Nationwide Index Search: The best criminal database in the industry. Search every state, national and international sources.
    • Office of the Inspector General: No Fly, Terrorist and other Federal lists
  • Civil Lower & Upper Litigation: Search local or state jurisdiction to find out if your candidate is litigious.
  • Education Verification: Does your candidate really have the education?
  • Employment Verification: Verify the items listed on a resume.
  • Employment Reference: Get references from previous employers.
  • Pre-Employment Credit Check: Be sure your candidate is responsible.
  • Driver’s Record: Especially useful if your open position requires driving.
  • Trade Licensing and Certification: Verification of specific professional or occupational licensing.

Tenant Screening

You want to be sure that your biggest assets are not needlessly at risk. Whether renting a unit in an apartment complex, a single family home or some commercial property, you want to be sure you are renting to the right people by getting a background screening. With so many cities and states passing eviction laws that are heavily in favor of the tenant, it’s harder than ever to correct a rental or leasing mistake. That’s why Tenant Screening is so important, and why we do it so well.

We can investigate just about anything, but most of our Tenant Screening investigations include:

If you have other special needs or requests, please let us know. We can investigate just about anything.

Glucroft Investigations

Get Your Background Screenings Now

We’ve done thousands of investigations of all types, and our clients are often surprised at what we find during our background screenings. Let us screen your next new employee, tenant, domestic worker or friend, and have the peace of mind that they are who they say they are. Contact us online or call us today at (866) 411-8646. At Glucroft Investigations, We Uncover The Hidden.
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