Asset Search

If your client’s legal proceedings involve finances, financial settlements, or recovering funds, a thorough and accurate Asset Search can make a huge difference in a case, and can determine whether or not a lawsuit is worth pursuing. Glucroft Investigations will meticulously handle this service, which is also known as an Asset Investigation or Asset Check, and will help you acquire the most precise and detailed information you need in order to move your case forward in the most effective way.

The goal is to make sure you do not leave any money on the table, and we do this by uncovering the hidden, and finding and revealing those assets that the other party does not want you to find. This can include financial elements, real estate, personal property and business ownership and holdings. Accurate information means a better and stronger case for you.

Personal Injury Asset Search

Personal Injury Attorneys understand that their cases are built around what they can recover for their clients. And getting your client exactly what they are entitled to will depend on many factors. Too often individuals, or companies and corporations will try to hide their assets in order to limit their liability. If your client is involved in an accident and has suffered a personal injury, you don’t have control over what the other party’s policy limits are. And they may appear to have no other visible assets. However, individuals and companies may do anything to protect themselves, and assets that have been hidden or moved around need to be discovered. Glucroft Investigations’ Asset Search can include real estate holdings, financial assets and accounts, vehicles, collectibles, and salary information.

The Poor Ex With The Bentley

An ex-wife went back to family court claiming she couldn’t live on the alimony she was previously awarded and asked for an increase. We were able to locate her hidden assets, including over $800k in cash and the Bentley she was driving. The judge did not raise her alimony but instead lowered it, making our client very happy.

Family Law Asset Search

Divorce attorneys fully understand the potential battlefield, especially when one party tries to claim they don’t have or own certain assets. This can include family heirlooms and gifts, but also much larger assets including:
It is not uncommon for the other side to try to hide assets by transferring these items to friends or other family members, thinking they are beyond detection and discovery, and thus won’t be included in a settlement negotiation. An asset search by Glucroft Investigations can eliminate this deception and reveal the truth.

Hidden Property They Don’t Want You To Find

We did an asset search that included property the other side was claiming had been gifted to a relative. While on the phone with the opposing attorney a full search revealed that the defendant still owned the property. We found all of the equity, and when we gave that information to the attorney we were working for, the case settled for $1.2M the same day.

Glucroft Investigations

For Your Complete Asset Search

Determining whether or not to take on a case or proceed with one requires a solid understanding of the financial upside for both you and your client. This is why attorneys trust Glucroft Investigations for their full and accurate Asset Search. Our staff, with over 45 years of collective experience, knows how to perform the most detailed asset investigations and put our clients in the best and most knowledgeable position. Whatever your case, at Glucroft Investigations, We Uncover The Hidden for our clients every day, and we can do it for you as well. Contact us online or call us today at (866) 411-8646 to discuss your specific needs.
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