Private Investigator Services

Legal and Business professionals call Glucroft Investigations when they want the job done right. With a full range of services, Accident Investigations, Asset Searches, Background Screenings, Surveillance & Investigation, Fraud Detection & Prevention, and Subpoena Process Services, we can handle almost any request that requires intelligence, integrity, speed and accuracy. Whether you are in Los Angeles, elsewhere in California, or across the country…at Glucroft Investigations, We Uncover The Hidden.

Accident Investigation

If your client is involved in an automobile accident, you will need an accident scene investigation, policy limit investigation, and witness interviews. It’s our job to make sure you have all the vital information needed to build your case and serve your client in the best way possible.
An accurate and detailed asset search makes a huge difference in a case involving financial settlements and recovering funds. Whether it is a personal injury case or family law, we’ll make sure you do not leave any money on the table, and help you find assets the opposing side doesn’t want you to know about. Our goal is to help you put together the strongest case you can.

Background Screening

Character counts, and so does getting an accurate picture of the people you are working with. Whether you’re an employer, a landlord, or a concerned parent, receiving truthful and honest information about the people around you is critical. You do not want to bring danger and dishonesty into your office, your building, or especially your home. Glucroft Investigations will help you make the right choice by getting you the right information.

Surveillance & Investigation

No one wants to think the worst of people, but if you suspect that someone is acting improperly and causing you harm, you need to have the facts. Whether the case involves a cheating spouse, workers compensation fraud, or something else, let us confirm your suspicions or put your mind at ease.

Fraud Detection & Prevention

You work so hard to build your business, but a dishonest worker can destroy so much of that success. From embezzlement, stealing actual goods, skimming from the till, or giving free food and drinks to friends, theft and fraud takes a huge toll on your bottom line. Let us reveal what you might not even see.

Subpoena Process Services

Almost every court case will involve subpoenas, and handling them properly and on time is essential to the success of your case. This is why our subpoena process services can include deposition officer services and commissioned notary services as well. Having everything under one roof is part of what makes us stand out.
Knowledge is power, and our extensive services bring everything into the light and help you gain the upper hand. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your specific questions and needs. Contact us online or call us at (866) 411-8646. No matter where you are in the country, at Glucroft Investigations, We Uncover The Hidden.
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