Los Angeles Private Investigator and Background Screening Services

Glucroft Investigations in Woodland Hills, California, is the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles area’s professional choice for private investigations and background screenings. We uncover what is hidden to help you make the right choices in your professional and personal life.Providing a full range of services for our clients, Glucroft Investigations is much more than the area’s premier private investigation firm; we offer a complete array of background screening services and surveillance capabilities for our customers in the Valley and LA.

Private Investigations and Surveillance

Cheating spouses cause pain and devastation, but the pain of not knowing whether your spouse is unfaithful can be equally destructive. Glucroft Investigations can confirm your suspicions or put them to rest through the painstaking work of our professional private investigators. Our discreet, thorough private investigation experts will analyze a subject’s routines and activities, then report back to you.

In addition to matrimonial investigations, we serve the Valley and LA area through other private investigations as well, including employee investigations, fraud investigations, civil investigations, theft investigations, insurance investigations and more.

Background Screenings

Employers, volunteer organizations, landlords, schools and others in Woodland Hills and throughout the Valley need to know they can trust the people they do business with. As a Los Angeles area private investigator, Glucroft Investigations does thorough background screenings that can uncover a criminal background, delinquent payments and more.

Other Services

Glucroft Investigations serves the Valley and LA in many more ways. Visit our services page to learn how we can help you with subpoena preparation and process serving, notary services, deposition services, document retrieval services, fraud prevention, asset search and recovery and much more.

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Background Screening Services in Los Angeles

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Private Investigations & Surveillance in Los Angeles

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