Hiring A Private Investigator For Child Custody Disputes

If you’re like most parents, there’s nothing more important than the safety and well-being of your children. So during a divorce, after a divorce, after separation from your child’s other parent, or when someone new comes into your child’s life, it’s natural for you to become even more sensitive and concerned about your childrens’ welfare. Your doubts may be fully justified or they may not, but how can you be sure? You can’t be checking up on your children when they are with your Ex 24/7. That’s why many concerned parents will ask about using a private investigator for child custody disputes.

It’s OK to Be Concerned for Your Child’s Safety and Welfare

Being the good and loving parent when the other parent’s activities can emotionally or physically harm the child can bring on feelings of injustice, fear, anger, helplessness, and isolation especially if you feel powerless to change the situation. It’s scary to be worried for your children! But you do not need to feel powerless because it is often possible to know the truth about your Ex and how they treat your children.

In fact, good parents are always concerned with their child’s safety and welfare, but they become even more concerned when the child’s circumstances change or are about to change. We’ve had parents, guardians and other concerned adults — or their attorneys — contact us for almost every situation imaginable, including these:

You are Divorcing or Separating

Getting separated or divorced can be the toughest time in a parent’s life, and it can be even tougher for the children. The life your children have always known is suddenly uprooted and changed, a private investigator for your child custody dispute can show the judge that the other parent is unfit, less fit or less qualified to have primary custody of the children.

Custody Revisions Due to Child Endangerment

Sometimes the qualities that made the parent a poor spouse also makes them a poor parent, including neglect, irresponsibility, drugs or alcohol, money problems, inappropriate behavior, associating with dangerous people and more. But that information isn’t always clear to the judge when custody is initially awarded. A subsequent private investigation into your Ex may memorialize the danger your children are in with the other parent and help to bring them back home to you.

You Suspect Abuse

If your child comes home from a custodial visit and has new bruises, cuts, illnesses and other medical issues, your child may be in immediate danger. Your first call should be to 911 or your family doctor to get your child the medical attention he or she needs. Your second call should be to a qualified private investigator for your child custody dispute.

The Other Parent Is in a New Relationship

One of the most common causes of concern is when the other parent begins a new relationship. Sometimes, the new adult in your child’s life can have a criminal background or can be cruel and abusive to your child. This can happen whether the other adult has children of their own who they favor more, or when the other adult has no children and may actually dislike children in general — and your children in particular.

You Are Afraid for Your Niece, Nephew or Grandchild

Not all of our investigations for child custody battles are between parents. Sometimes they involve concerned relatives and even Godparents who feel a duty to protect the children. We recently had a case where a child’s father was in prison and the mother had been killed by someone else. We were hired by a family member to show that another family member was unfit to raise the child.

Hiring a Private Investigator for Child Custody Disputes

Your private investigator, like those at Glucroft Investigations, is there to find out the truth to make sure your children are properly protected and cared for, whatever that truth is. It’s our job to memorialize the child’s activities, situation and environment with the goal of doing one of two things:

  • Put your mind at ease. Thankfully, we find that in many cases, the child is not in danger, and you can put your mind at ease.
  • Confirm your suspicions. If we find abuse, neglect, violations of trust or other situations that put the child in danger, you will have the evidence you need to help you argue for custody.

How We Conduct Child Custody Dispute Investigations

We customize every investigation to the concerns of the parent and other facts related to the situation.

Watching the Parent

With some investigations, when the other parent’s character is in question, we will follow the parent. For example, we have had a case where the existing custody agreement required that the other parent, who had prior issues with alcohol, refrain from consuming any alcohol 12 hours prior to spending time with the children, and throughout custody. We were able to photograph the parent at restaurants clearly drinking alcohol.

In other cases, we were able to show that the child was in frequent danger due to the other parent’s reckless driving, including speeding and aggressive braking.

Watching the Children

In other cases, especially where neglect is suspected, we were able to establish that the parent left the young children home alone for extended periods of time without other adult supervision. Other times, the parent left the children at home or in the custody of the other parent’s various romantic partners.

Public and Private Information

Often our investigation involves collecting other “open source” information. This includes our following the other parent on social media or using special investigative tools to acquire information about the person’s activities, including photographs, on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, and even dating sites, like Match, Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Plenty of Fish, Farmers Only and SeekingArrangement just to name a few.

Rely on Glucroft Investigations

In most cases, hiring an experienced private investigator for child custody disputes can help to keep your children safe. Whether you are a parent or guardian concerned about your child, or an attorney representing your client in a divorce or custody case, Glucroft Investigations has the experience, knowledge and tools to discover the truth about your childrens’ situation. Contact us online or call us at 866-411-8646 to discuss your case. At Glucroft Investigations, We Uncover The Hidden.

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