Background Screening


Employment Screening

Glucroft Investigations software a simple and powerful tool for comprehensive employment background screening. With interfaces to dozens of background check providers, customizable workflows, flexible pricing configurations, digital signature authorizations, and compliance-friendly features, Glucroft Investigations software allows services for small businesses to Fortune 500 organizations.


Volunteer Screening

It is increasingly important that organizations conduct proper due diligence with volunteers, especially those who work with children and other at-risk populations. Glucroft Investigations' volunteer screening software enables volunteer applicants to fill out, pay for, and electronically sign applications and disclosures from any location with a web browser and Internet connection, providing volunteer organizations a cost-effective, reliable, and secure means to protect their interests.


Tenant Screening

Glucroft Investigations' software provides simplicity and flexibility for meeting the particular needs of landlord and property managers. Our tenant software provides simple Pass, Fail, or Conditional recommendations based on an applicant’s credit profile. Our software features makes it easy for Glucroft Investigations clients to complete data entry and pay with a credit card for their background screen. This, together with integrations with dozens of instant criminal and eviction record data providers, means our clients receive fast, inexpensive, and accurate tenant screening reports.


Business Due Diligence

Just as your clients value knowing who they are hiring, they want to have a clear understanding of the character and reputation of the companies and independent-contractors with whom they conduct business. Glucroft Investigations' technology provides you with all the tools you need to offer business due diligence reports, including business entity specific workflows, custom search templates and vendor-specific, online application forms.

Individual Screening

Glucroft Investigations configureable criminal background check software allows non FCRA background screening of individuals. With the rapid growth of social media, online-dating, and other virtualized relationships, there is great opportunity for Glucroft Investigations' software to check credit card payment gateways, and scores of instant data provider integrations.


Student/Intern Screening

When considering student and intern applications, your healthcare and educational institution clients will appreciate the quick, no-hassle self-service and self-pay functionality provided by Glucroft Investigations technology for background screening. With customizable workflows and services offerings, Glucroft Investigations can deliver the exact background screening package our clients need to ensure the integrity and safety of their institutional programs.


FormI9 Compliance

With the increasing number of states requiring E-Verify, employers are using E-Verify for improved FormI9 compliance. Glucroft Investigations Software helps our clients with legal compliance through Electronic I-9 and E-Verify solutions. Employers can electronically complete, sign, and store the Form I-9; receive real time validation; and manage all records. Employers can also E-Verify an employee directly through the Glucroft Investigations system while still using a traditional paper FormI9. Our simplified process provides our clients the ability to E-Verify applicants faster than using the government’s site with centralized management of all E-Verify records for multiple locations.


Substance Abuse Testing

Glucroft Investigations' drug screening software ensures accuracy, efficiency, and simplicity, with integrations and support for multiple laboratories and third-party administrators (TPAs). Glucroft Investigations provides our clients dependable, fast, and easy-to-use drug screening services at competitive prices.